Friday 6 October 2017

Modern Cross Stitch Kit

Here you can find a wide range of beautiful Modern cross stitch patterns for all levels. There are many cross stitch styles for all occasions and purposes including.

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Cross stitching kits were a great invention for those who want to learn cross stitching. They make learning fun and easy because they provide all the supplies you need in a single kit so you can focus on learning. After you've made your first kit project, you will find that you really do know how to cross stitch because there isn't much to this craft to begin with. What makes a stitching project more or less complicated is its size and some of the embellishments you can add to any project to enhance it.
There are two kinds of kits you should know about. Stamped cross stitch kits and counted cross stitch kits. The difference between these two is that in one the pattern is actually stamped or printed on the fabric, kind of like a coloring page. Counted cross stitch requires that you read a pattern and then stitch it on the fabric. Typically stamped cross stitch is for beginners and is part of a kit. It makes it easier to focus on learning the handful of easy embroidery stitches that are considered cross stitching. The only additional skill you need to make counted kits is to be able to count and read a chart or pattern. Either kind of kit will teach you cross stitching.
The supplies in these kits include aida fabric, a needle, the DMC or embroidery floss for the design and sometimes a hoop as well as a design and instructions.
The patterns in these kits are typically very simple designs, though some are quite elaborate. Two very good brands for cross stitching kits are made by Bucilla and Janlynn. They both make all kinds of embroidery, needlepoint and cross stitch project kits.
If you have ever played tic tac toe then you already know how to make the main stitch used in cross stitch because it is just like drawing the x. You take your needle up from a top corner in the grid fabric called aida cloth, and take the needle down on the opposite corner of that same grid, just like the diagonal line you make when you are playing tic tac toe. Then you bring your needle back up on the other top corner and diagonally back down at the other bottom corner of the grid to make the x. It's that simple.
Other than that you should know NOT to tie a knot in your Modern Cross Stitch Kit before you start stitching. Instead, leave a bit of a tail and old it so that as you make other stitches you kind of sew over it. When you get to the end of your thread or need to change colors, just run your needle under some of the other stitches already there on the back. That's sufficient for cross stitch to keep the end from coming undone.
You may find that placing your fabric in a embroidery hoop or frame will help hold it taught for you and make it easier to hold while you stitch.
When you are done you can frame it and hang it up or include it in some other larger project like a pillow, hand towels, bib or bookmaker.
These cross stitching kits make great gifts for wedding showers or baby showers too! Look for Disney designs or wedding themed kits.
Are you thinking about learning with cross stitch kits? A large assortment can be found here. One of my favorite design companies is Dimensions cross stitch kits. They have all kinds of designs with various themes that work great to keep for yourself or to give as a wedding gift or baby shower gift.
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